Our website www.ccucugallart.com was designed to inspire learning, creativity and hope. We will seek to advance models for producing art that are rooted in consciousness and will include ideas for positive environmental and social change. The artists and organizations on our website will serve to contribute to the vitality of our communities and culture. They are visionaries and we hope their work and ideas will expand our own thinking and inspire the readers by demonstrating what all is possible when art is used as a means for change.

CcucuGallart mission is to form an open and inclusive spirit. Through art, we seek to expand information about how people can associate with each other throughout the world.

In doing so, CcucuGallart hope to produce virtual exhibitions. In these exhibitions the website will include a blog that includes: artists and communities directly engaging the audience to participate beyond the role of passive observer. We will invite creative collaboration from other artists, various professionals, government agents, and other individuals and organizations throughout the world to participate with our mission.

Founded on the belief that artists have the knowledge and skills to make positive and lasting change, CcucuGallart aims to make a constructive contribution to the world by sharing this information and by providing opportunities for collaboration and exchange. We extend an open invitation to participate by contacting us with your thoughts and ideas for making art a purpose for global unity.

In 2013, Ccucu Gall-Art started operations in Miami, FL. Director and Founder, Andreina Kissane, inspired by the role arts and culture play within state economies, decided to explore the business of art and its political implications related to this industry. For Andreina, art represents human expressions and it has become a physical manifestation of the internal human creativity.