Ccucu Gall-Art is a Miami- based art gallery, dedicated to inspiring change throughout the world with art. Ccucu is evolving simultaneously with Miami’s art scene. Ccucu’s foundation holds strong in the belief that emerging and skilled artists are some of the most powerful of their kind. These artists possess the ability to catalyze positive social and environmental change from a vast platform reaching people on an international level.

The artists and organizations on our website will serve to contribute to the vitality of our communities and culture. They are visionaries and we hope their work and ideas will expand our own thinking and inspire the readers by demonstrating what all is possible when art is used as a means for change. Ccucu Gall-Art’s mission is to form an open and inclusive spirit. Through art, we seek to expand information about how people can associate with each other throughout the world.

Founded on the belief that artists have the knowledge and skills to make a positive and lasting change, Ccucu Gall-Art aims to make a constructive contribution to the world by sharing this information and by providing opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

The Ccucu Team is dedicated to promoting the arts in Miami, as well as internationally. Ccucu is magnifying the art- related knowledge and, in doing so, inspires positive changes. With your help- the help of those creatively aware and awe-inspiring people- we can make a change. Ccucu invites you to be a part of our journey and we are grateful for your support.

In 2013, Ccucu Gall-Art started operations in Miami, FL. Director and Founder, Andreina Kissane, inspired by the role arts and culture play within state economies, decided to explore the business of art and its political implications related to this industry. For Andreina, art represents human expressions and it has become a physical manifestation of the internal human creativity.