The Funeral Mask of Tutankhamun

The funeral mask or the death mask of Tutankhamun was uncovered in 1925 by British archeologist Howard Carter. It was located on the Valley of the Kings which was buried for approximately 3,250 years.

The mask is made of pure gold, crystal and semi-precious stones. It is 21 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide and 19 inches deep. It also has a weight of 22.6 pounds. The pharaoh’s mask contains a headcloth with a cobra that represents the royal symbol and a vulture that is a depiction of his authority of all Egypt.

Tutankhamun became a pharaoh at a very young age and died in his late teens. The mask was on his sarcophagus and was made similar to his face. The Egyptians believed that having a mask of such value was directly related to life after death. A protective spell from the Book of the Death is engraved on the back and shoulders of the mask.

In 2014, the museum staff tried to clean the mask and the gold beard fell off hiring a German-Egyptian team for reattached it again with beeswax. Later on, some employees were taken into trial due to poor knowledge to restore the mask and leaving it with permanent damage.

Nowadays, the mask remains in a museum located in Cairo where is displayed for the general public. Tutankhamun’s mask is priceless and it’s one of the best treasures found in history.




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