#ThomasJPrice ‘s new Untitled (Icon) series of luxurious gold-leafed head sculptures

#ThomasJPrice ‘s new Untitled (Icon) series of luxurious gold-leafed head sculptures on marble plinths develops the artist’s ongoing exploration of 21st-century social identity, and the relationship between representation and perception ⚱️His fictional portraits amalgamate a range of sources, from classical sculpture to observed individuals in London’s British Caribbean communities. Playing with process and materials, Price subtly subverts the viewer’s expectations, reframing the image and associations of black men in contemporary society. In the Untitled (Icon) series, the use of 24 carat gold leaf has a particular powerful cultural resonance: the process of gilding dates back to ancient Egypt, and continues to retain its associations with splendour and exultation. This historic process and the classical plinths are counterbalanced by the cutting-edge 3D modelling techniques used to sculpt the heads – a contrast summed up in the oxymoron title of the series, with its evocation of an anonymous hero.

Location: Hales Gallery & The Armory Show



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