Pablo Carreño. The Cuban Artist

Pablo Carreño is an expresionist and a master painter who was born in Cuba in 1941. He began to paint at the age of four even though he did not have any official training due to the Cuban Revolution that did not support his type of art.

In 1964, he moved out to the United States of America dreaming to express his art with whole freedom. He worked in Marketing and Advertising companies as a Freelance Director which helped him to start his career as a painter. He created portraits of important New Yorkers such as the first African American to play in the New York Yankees and millionaires like Donald Trump.

His art is filled with imagination and emotions bringing features of his Latino American heritage. He created his own way of impressionism and abstraction. Among his favorite artist are Vincent Van Gogh and Oskar Kokoschka. Some of his paintings were inspired by people he met through his life.

By meeting artists such as Peter Beard, Carreño created an African American series of art, while Charlie Parker and the Blue Note Jazz Club inspired him with his Jazz and Martini collection of paintings.

Nowadays, he is still a resident of Manhattan in which he continues to paint wonderful pieces of art. Carreño also has plenty of art collections and he has been invited to show his art in different galleries in New York, California, Miami, Milan, Paris and more.


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