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December 2016

“Wisteria” table lamp by Tiffany Studios

This iconic “Wisteria” table lamp by Tiffany Studios is a highlight of the 300+ works of 20th Century Design. The model was designed by Clara Driscoll in 1901, with the lush, dripping vines articulated in nearly 2,000 pieces of favrile glass.

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made by Kyoko Matsuyama at The bake house art complex 📍 — www.kyokoMatsuyama.com    

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Raul Cardozo and his art piece “Elevation”

 This emerging visual artist has been characterized by his devotion to humanitarian causes, history, care and human evolution. He wondered how to portray Antigravity and he went along and did a magnificent piece about it. During the tenth Space Law Workshop organized by the United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) […]

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