Ccucu Gall-Art is a Miami-based Art Gallery, dedicated to inspiring change throughout the world with art. Ccucu’s foundation holds strong in the belief that emerging and skilled artists are some of the most powerful of their kind. These artists possess the ability to catalyze positive social and environmental change from a vast platform reaching people on an international level.

The people in our channel will serve to contribute to the vitality of our communities and culture, hoping their work and ideas will expand our own thinking and inspire the viewers by demonstrating what is possible when culture and art are combined. Ccucu Cultural Channel uncovers new artistic talent and encourages artistic creativity. CCC is a place to access, share, explore and connect with art and culture.

We are always looking for submissions from The Floridian Community. Contact us with information about local events, activities and highlights that we can showcase on the Cultural Channel!

Please, submit information to

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