Raul Cardozo and his art piece “Elevation”

 This emerging visual artist has been characterized by his devotion to humanitarian causes, history, care and human evolution. He wondered how to portray Antigravity and he went along and did a magnificent piece about it.

During the tenth Space Law Workshop organized by the United Nations Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) held from September 5th to September 8th 2016, in Vienna, Austria, the visual artist Raúl Cardozo invades this international scene with his work “Elevation”, a sculpture which portrays a floating astronaut, whose concept generates the “Antigravity”.

The art piece “Elevation” has as its generating concept the “Antigravity”. His work is an analogy of the mind over matter, the soul over the ego, and the spiritual over the physical.

According to Cardozo, “in this work the figure incarnates the concept of mind over matter” and that process where gravity overcomes as a physical and metaphysical process. The spiritual thing over the physical thing is made manifest in the sculpture that portrays the most unusual occupation for human beings: Astronaut.

Simoneta Dippipo, Director of the Office of Outer Space (UNOOSA), expressed her admiration for the work of the Venezuelan artist, as well as the various delegations that make up the committee, while thanking his contribution to the objectives of the space committee, which are aimed at promoting cooperation for the peaceful use of outer space and other noble humanitarian causes under the auspices of the United Nations.

The art piece “Elevation” condenses an entire year of research and arduous artistic work by Cardozo. It is the combination of the accumulated experience of the author in his knowledge of the visual arts, industrial design, Life Coaching and his studies in the ancestral technology for the soul “Kabbalah”.

“People do not know that Venezuela makes very important contributions,” said Roberto Becerra, a specialist in Space Law, who presented the piece to the committee. Becerra and others Venezuelan experts were one of the few Latin Americans present in the workshop.

The art piece of Cardozo will be permanently exhibited and will be part of the select group of international artists that expose their art in that multilateral organization and of universal reach.








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