Carlos Cruz-Diez . Venezuelan influence through the world.

The art of Carlos Cruz Diez is spread all over the world. The Franco-Venezuelan artist who has lived and worked in Paris, Spain, Venezuela and Panama has his artworks in prestigious permanent collections at institutions all around the world. He has permanent exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, USA and Germany.

His art is in the field of Kinetic and Optical art, a movement that encourages “an awareness of the instability of reality.”  As an Operational Artist, Cruz-Diez relies on the movement of the viewer rather than the movement of the art object itself. In his work, lines of contrasting color give the impression of movement.

As far as his studies, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Caracas, where he obtained the diploma of professor in Applied Arts. For a time, he taught kinetic technique at the National Superior School of Fine Arts and later he worked as the director of art for the Institute for Advanced Studies in Caracas.

His work

According to Carlos Cruz Diez´s website part of his work can be segmented and described as it follows:

Proyectos Murales [Mural Projects] with their geometric and linear forms were an attempt to set up an autonomous object without reference to nature. On the project there are structures that already prefigure what would later become Cruz-Diez’s biggest concern: to launch color into space by means of reflected light.

Couleur Additive This investigation is based on the radiation of color. When one plane color touches another, a darker vertical line appears at the point of contact.

The Physichromie is a structure designed to reveal certain circumstances and conditions related to color, changing according to the movement of the viewer and the intensity of the light, and thus projecting color into space to create an evolutionary situation of additive, reflective, and subtractive color.

Intervention in human spaces Some of his most famous works are the interventions in human spaces and he creates expressions that “inject an element of surprise into urban routine”. Carlos Cruz Diez says, “These ephemeral works are a way of producing different readings of urban spaces and of deconsecrating the utilitarian objects of urban furniture.”

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