The Potato Eaters by Van Gough-

CcucuGall-Art-The Potato Eaters, completed in 1885, is considered by many to be Van Gogh’s first great work of art. At the time of its creation, Van Gogh had only recently started painting and had not yet mastered the techniques that would later make him famous. This could attribute to the interesting look of the piece as well as the overall feeling produced from the painting.

Van Gogh wished to create his first masterpiece that could boost his reputation as a developed artist; his goal was to paint human figures that did not appear to be awkward, but rather existing naturally. Portraying the figures in a dark room with light from an oil lamp, however, proved to be a bit too extreme for his newly acquired artistic skills. The outcome of all of these factors, in turn, made the painting more appreciated in the art community then if Van Gogh had succeeded in his original task.

3 thoughts on “The Potato Eaters by Van Gough-

  1. Hi, I love the potato eaters by VG. I think this painting shows VG’s artistic skills during the early stages in his career . Many people didn’t believed in the impressionist movement until later. Thank you.

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